Jones: ‘Netball, Nastiness and a Call to Arms’

Jones: ‘Netball, Nastiness and a Call to Arms’

Above: Newcastle AU Officer Caleb Jones (left) gets exercised while talking to Courier editor Tom Nicholson

With Stan Calvert not two weeks away, excited doesn’t really cut it for me. I suppose the hottest bit of news on the lips of most of the students in Newcastle regards the move to netball as our headliner. For me the move really does represent the evolution of the Stan Calvert competition itself and the rapid development of women’s sport on a broader scale.

After two consecutive losses for the NURFC first fifteen in Stan Calvert headliners in 2013 and 2014, and the boys getting their chance to shine in the stadium in the Clash of the Titans fixture in October, I feel it is time for them to take a slight back step from Stan Calvert limelight and give the netball girls a go.

Our girls got the better of the Poly earlier this season with a 35-29 home win and sit only one point behind them in the BUCS Premier North, so tight would be somewhat of an understatement and I have full faith that the girls will go out there on the night and do them again.

I’d hope to see Newcastle University out in force come 7pm on Sunday 1st March, painting the Poly Sports Central blue and filling the air with much needed intelligence both on and off the court.

If not in the name of Team Newcastle, then most certainly in the name of my predecessor Katie Rimmer, who fell victim to a series of shameless abuse and bullying from the Poly girls last year. One of the most unsporting acts I’ve ever seen in my years in sport, and quite frankly an absolute disgrace for which everyone involved should be ashamed. Comes to be expected though, hey?

For the time being, that is all from me. I call on EVERY single one of you Newcastle students to get behind our competitors this year, with the Poly cutting yet more sports from the programme we will need every ounce of support we can get. Buy your tickets, get your t-shirts, paint the town blue, and let’s win that cup back!