Katherine Lindsay

Name: Katherine Lindsay


Sport: A team riding


What is the highlight of your season so far? – We’ve had 2 competitions so far and we’ve won them both, so far this year we’ve beaten Northumbria every time. In our first competition against Northumbria and Teeside we won by almost double, we’ve got a strong team this year.


What is your favourite Stan Calvert Memory? – I’m only in my second year so I’ve only done it once and we lost, but I feel like we should have run. It’s all down to the judge’s opinion and we thought we did better. Winning the Dressage was great so it set us off well.

What are you most excited about? – Yeah definitely, obviously every competition we want to win but this is one that is the pinnacle of winning, obviously it’s all fun and games but it’s one we want to win. Just the build-up of it alongside the other teams.