Mia Day


Name: Mia Day


Sport: Netball


What is your favourite Stan Calvert Memory? I didn’t play last year but we all went to watch, there were about 4 of us that went to watch. There are 3 team teams that play as Northumbria only have 3 teams as they field a super league team.


What is the highlight of your season so far? – Playing against York St Johns, I was really tired but beat by 10 goals and everyone got a game.


What are you most excited about? – At training everyone really switches on around Stan Calvert time, we don’t drink on Tuesdays anyway but we extend it for the entire week, attendance is really good, everyone looks forward to it. Also because 1’s and 2’s train separate from 3’s and 4’s we all get together. I’m probably most excited about afterwards despite the score we all go out together and go out in our kit.