Pádraig Gallagher

1. Name: Pádraig Gallagher

2. Sport: Gaelic Football

3. What has been the highlight of your season so far?: Alan Doherty crying out “I have her boiii” before fetching a high ball, bursting out through the defence like a young Diarmuid O’Sullivan in his prime, with forwards bouncing off his shoulders, and the sunlight dancing off his locks.

4. 3 words to sum up Stan Calvert: Chuckie Chuckie Chuckie

5. What is your favourite ever Stan Calvert moment? An emotional and excited Conor King needing an interpreter whilst speaking to Colin Stromsoy after victory over Newcastle Uni last year – That thick Armagh accent is being missed this year

6. What are you most excited about for this year’s Stan Calvert? Getting another “W” over Newcastle Uni, and beating our chests loudly about it afterwards