Penny Joyce

  1. Name:Penny Joyce
  2. Sport: women’s hockey
  3. What has been the highlight of your season so far? The highlight for me has to be our 4-3 win against Leeds university who have just been relegated from The prem. The fight we showed in this game was incredible and we never gave up even when we went behind, this was no doubt a poly team performance!
  4. 3 words to sum up Stan Calvert: Passion, TEAM, Tenacity
  5. What is your favourite ever Stan Calvert moment? A personal favourite moment is my second stan Calvert – I scored the first goal to put us ahead and it was the best feeling ever! half way through the game we got a call from the side line to let us know the Poly had won Stan Calvert overall- everyone got such a buzz the atmosphere was incredible- we still fought hard until the end to stay ahead and the game finished 2-0  to the poly
  6. What are you most excited about for this year’s Stan Calvert? Everything is so close this year and every point matters which makes things much more interesting and intense! We personally have been neck and neck with Newcastle this season but I know that my team will give everything to make sure we come out on top!