Sam Smith

1.Name: Sam Smith

2.Sport: Water Polo

3.What has been the highlight of your season so far? Thrashing Loughborough at home (21-10)

4. 3 words to sum up Stan Calvert: Competitive, Lively, Teamwork

5. What is your favourite ever Stan Calvert moment? My first time playing for Northumbria in Stan Calvert we won a good game against Newcastle for the first ever time in the tournament, the pool was overfilled and packed out with people from a range of sports, there where banners and even Polly the parrot (Northumbria’s mascot) made an appearance, it was unforgettable.

6.What are you most excited about for this year’s Stan Calvert? We have a strong close knit team this year so I’m looking forward to the celebrations when we get the win