Samuel Derinto

1.       Name: Samuel Derinto

2.       Sport: Basketball M2.

3.       What has been the highlight of your season so far? The highlight of my season so far was playing Huddersfield away which was tougher than expected but we came away with the win. It was even more special for me because my little sister who I hadn’t seen in years was at the game. It was such a great feeling to play so well in front of her because she had never seen me play before.

4.       3 words to sum up Stan Calvert: Pride Of ‘Toon.

5.       What is your favourite ever Stan Calvert moment? My favourite Stan Calvert moment was winning back the trophy in 2014.

6.       What are you most excited about for this year’s Stan Calvert? I’m looking forward to playing in my last ever Stan Calvert game and winning the trophy 4/4 times as a Poly!