Supporting Stan Calvert (even if you’re not keen on sport)!

Supporting Stan Calvert (even if you’re not keen on sport)!

Athletic Union (AU) Officer Angus fills us in on why you should support Team Newcastle, even if sport isn’t your cup of tea…

Stan Calvert is one of the biggest sporting Varsity competitions in the UK. For those of you reading this who aren’t a keen sports fan this article aims to shows how you and why you should come along and support Newcastle University and get involved in the event!

Local Pride

Northumbria is our noisy neighbours; be it in an academic sense or a sporting sense we should always be looking to triumph over our closest rivals! They have won the last two events and subsequently held the bragging rights, we can’t let that continue. So even if you’re not too keen on sport get down and support the Team Newcastle clubs to give them a helping hand in claiming back those bragging rights.

Wide Variety of Sports

Where University sport really specialises is the fact that it is not just the mainstream sports that you probably experienced at school that are played and competed in. The fixture list for Stan Calvert reflects this as sports such as Ultimate, Volleyball and Gaelic Football to name but a few compete alongside their more mainstream counterparts such as Football, Rugby Union and Netball.  In total there is 26 different sports in the Stan Calvert Cup, and who knows one of these you may never have heard of but fall in love with after going to watch it in the competition.

Newcastle Unity

Even if you perhaps aren’t interested in sport then hopefully you would still like to see Newcastle do well in such a high profile event. The harnessing of team unity across the University is something that we don’t do particularly well, certainly in comparison to Northumbria. So I do encourage you get behind the Team Newcastle students competing in Stan Calvert an offer your support even if sport isn’t something that particularly interests you.

So if we’ve tempted you enough to give your support then click here to get your Stan Calvert Final ticket – you’ll even get a snazzy t-shirt; get one before they’re all gone!