Stan Calvert: How it happened for Northumbria

Stan Calvert: How it happened for Northumbria

Welcome to the Stan Calvert 2015 LIVE feed where we’ll attempt to keep you bang up to date with just about everything that’s happening on and off the field…

Check in here for rolling news on the day’s big events and follow these fine folk via social media for on the spot updates and reaction:









And it’s a last gasp win for Northumbria Netball firsts as Clancy Williams scores in the final second to clinch an epic 32-31 win. The dream end to a dramatic day of historic sporting action. Thank-you and goodnight.

Still too close to call with less than two minutes to play in the Netball at Sport Central. It’s 31 apiece. This fixture fully justifying its status.

Into the final quarter of the final fixture of Stan Calvert and it’s 27-26 to Northumbria in the Netball firsts…could go either way.

And TN lead in the Netball! What a turnaround as Newcastle fall to pieces under pressure and the power of Stan Calvert fire us into a 24-23 lead.

We have no boys on our cheerleading troupe. There’s definitley an opening for someone…TNMediaDamoy perhaps?

Half-time at the Netball and it’s 19-15 to Newcastle. Northumbria right back in it. Now the 700 Newcastle cheerleaders have taken to the court – including blokes. Yep cheerladders as they’re known. Each to his own.

This reminds me of the time Media Team alumnus Timcredible Andrews got into all sorts of bother talking about cheerleaders. He spent six years here and never saw a Stan Calvert win – been away for two and that’s back-to-back victories. Surely no coincidence.


It’s 17-12 to Newcastle midway through the second period. Northumbria fighting their way back into this one but according to the masses they’re playing the refs as well as their rivals this quarter. And that’s never easy.

Newcastle lead 13-7 at the end of the first quarter but that worrying lead fails to dampen the home fans’ spirits. Understandable after today’s events.

Leah Kennedy has taken a smack on the face. That’s bang out of order. She doesn’t want a black eye ahead of tomorrow night’s Sport Newcastle dinner.

It’s 5-7 early doors but after a strong start Lisa Stanley-Craig’s side have been pegged back. Newcastle’s goal defence is a tall lady. Handy for netball.


We’re back. No room on our own Media Balcony but we haven’t given up much to Newcastle today – it’s a concession we’re prepared to make.

Cracking atmosphere inside Sport Central for the finale to Stan Calvert 2015 but Newcastle appear to have more cheerleaders than fans…

Looks like we’re set for an exciting finish in Netball II but the blog is taking a momentary break…back to wrap things up and take you through the big finale at Sport Central very soon.

For Netball II updates follow @TNMediaEmily.


Women’s Badminton president Sarah Trelfa: “We have just won all three matches which is class. Especially for the girls as they’re in the same BUCS league so a win stands us in very good stead for Wednesday. And it was a great win for the men’s seconds as they were massive underdogs. It was the same for the men’s firsts. To get a clean sweep is amazing as we were only meant to win one out of three.”


Feel the man love all the way from the Evening Chronicle as Media Team alumnus Andy Fowler checks in:


A special mention to my old colleague, housemate and confidant, . I know more than most how much he’s given in the last few years.


@TNMediaSteven: “Clean swep for Badminton after M1 move 5-2 up with one to play.”


@TNMediaSteven: “M1 Badminton guaranteed at least a draw. It’s 4-2 but they’re well pleased after performing way better than expected.”



This happened a while ago but Newcastle won M2 Rugby Union 28-26 at Heaton. Good game by all accounts.



@TNMediaDom on the M1 Table Tennis: “Newcastle win pretty comfortably and doubles not needed.”

Table Tennis coach Dave Godbold: “Well done to Newcastle. They played really well. There were some very good games and that’s what both sides wanted.”




the girls have been waiting for this, and we are ruddy proud of them. W1 Hockey win 2-0. Lasses. Poly hit 70. 71.5-46.5.


This just in from the wilds of northern Scotland as former Northumbria University Sport Intern of the Year Jamie Durent tweets:


Congrats to my old uni on retaining the . Years of hard work gone into reversing a losing trend.



@TNMediaJamie at Netball III: “That’s it. All finished. Newcastle win 42-34.” 0-2 in the Netball then. Makes the last two matches massive despite overall SC win.



@TNMediaSteven is Back (the old ones are the best): “M2 Basketball win 75-61 but not a great performance. W1 Badmintonwon 7-1 and M1 Badminton leading 3-1.”


Right now would appear to be the perfect time to reveal the nature of a conversation between TN’s Jack Grummitt and a senior member of staff at Sport Central this morning…

JG: It will be close.

Colleague: I thought we’d win comfortably.

JG: No. I’m predicting a four-point winning margin either way.

Colleague: You mean we could lose it?

JG: We could. But I’m a pessimist.

A pessimist? Talk about the understatement of Stan Calvert 2015.



THAT’S IT! can’t be caught anymore! They have kept the for a second year in a row



Bit late with this one but thanks to Jen Rudin – who’s just revealed W1 Hockey are 2-0 up – for this on W2 Hockey:


Absolutely gutted for Womens 2s who lost 1-0 via a short corner at the end. Amazing performance from the girls



Northumbria win the Swimming with 23 out of 24 successes in the pool. The one that got away? Men’s 50m butterfly. That is a killer stroke mind. Apparently the Newcastle lad had giant shoulders (and very small trunks).

Swimming coach Louise Graham: “It would have been nice to win all of them. But 23 out of 24 is alright. It’s acceptable.” Wouldn’t want to be on her pub quiz team…


Liking the look of this…



M2 Football win 4-2…running score is Northumbria 57.5-38.5.


@TNMediaJamie: “It’s half-time at the Netball III clash and Newcastle lead 24-16.” There’s always one Media Team member who never sees a win in Stan Calvert – fingers crossed it’s not the newbie.



@TNMediaKarl: “Northumbria take victory in Athletics after both Newcastle teams are disqualified from 4x100m events.” Controversial. But the right decision.


@TNMediaAntonie at the M1 Table Tennis: “Looks like the occasion is getting to the Poly players after one of our lads whacks his bat off the tableat the end of that game.” Steady on. Those tables aren’t cheap.


@TNMediaJamie: “It’s 11-9 to Newcastle at the end of the first quarter in Netball III.”


@TNMediaDom: “There’s a 15-minute break at the swimming where Northumbria have won 14 from 14. Crowd chants more even. Head Of Sport Colin Stromsoy dropped in to cheer on the team and share his wisdom.” Rumours he was a key figure in the Kent Mermaids Under 10s.


This is a fightback of sorts. But if you’re a Newcastle student staring at that 16-point deficit at 4pm on Stan Calvert Super Sunday you must wonder what you can do…



W1 Lax goes to Newastle, we think 14-1. Score to 50-34. Need a win for North just to keep us ticking over.



Men and women succumb to Newcastle’s Fencers. Four points to our rivals – and they need them.


@TNMediaSteven (who’s also playing in this one) has news from M2 Basketball: “It’s 41-27 to Northumbria at half-time but Newcastle puttng up a great fight to stay in contention.”


Back to @TNMediaDom at the Swimming: “Just spoken to coach Louise Graham. She told me Northumbria want to win 24 out of 24 events. 11 events in and they’re on course.”


Table Tennis coach Dave Godbold: “The girls played as well as they could against a very strong Newcastle team. They need to be at 100% to compete with that team and perhaps they weren’t quite at that level today. But I was pleased with the effort nonethless. Alex probably played at about 90% and Jade at 50% but I know how well they can perform. I’m pleased with the effort they put in.”


@TNMediaDom at the Swimming: “TN coach Louise Graham just admitted the men’s 200m freestyle was one of the least competitive she’s seen. Tom Howley won by 10-plus seconds. Northumbria have won every event so far but still 16 to go.”


Netball IV coach Leah Kennedy: “We lost the game but I’m proud of my girls. They were playing a team a league above them and for three quarters there was nothing to choose between the two teams. In the final period they just shot the ball better and they had a very strong goalkeeper. But it was a battling performance.”


Back to the Athletics at Gateshead and @TNMediaKarl reports: “The 4x400m men goes to Newcastle and the women to TN. That makes it 3-2 overall to Newcastle…”



Double Golf glory for Northumbria and that stretches the lead back out to 46-28. Is there any way back for Newcastle?



@TNMediaJamie: “All over at the Netball IV where Newcastle dominate final quarter to take 26-18 win.”


@TNMediaJamie with more from Netball IV: “Newcastle edge further ahead at the start of the final quarter.19-16.”

It’s going down to the wire in the first Netball clash of the day with Newcastle’s fourths one goal up with a quarter to play. Come on!


@TNMediaKarl: “Newcastle take a dominant victory in the men’s 800m. The gulf in class was clear to see.” And our man saw it.


W2 Hockey update from Coach Lane: 0-0 at half-time. That’ll do.


This just in from the official TN Twitter feed:


15-13 in the Netball 4s to the Poly. Defensive three of Bennett, Wallace and Maguire like a brick wall, they are not letting much through.


Metro Radio DJ and all-round good egg Dan Black getting excited about hosting tonight’s Stan Calvert finale at Sport Central:


Looking forward to finale . Edited intros yesterday, ‘s been stuck in head since!



M3 Basketball defeat Newcastle 93-61.

That’s 40 points on the board! And it’s only 2.40pm.


@TNMediaJamie: “It’s neck and neck in Netball IV. 10-10 at half-time.”


@TNMediaAntonie: “M1 Table Tennis about to begin after a delayed start. Looking to bounce back after unfortunate defeats for the women.”



Thanks to @Northumbria_RL for this:


The 2s win 18-8, unbelievable scenes.


And it’s good afternoon to @TNMediaKarl who is our very own David Coleman for the afternoon – bringing us the best of theAthletics action from a bright but blustery Gateshead Stadium.

The man with the second best beard on the Media Team reveals: “Hannah Watson smashes her PB to win the women’s 60m for TN. Newcastle take the men’s event and it’s 1-1.”


@TNMediaSteven: “Coach Anth Dawson has laid down a challenge for M3 Basketball to keep Newcastle scoreless in the last four minutes. 84-29 to Northumbria.”


M1 Badminton captain Dan Rogerson on today’s 6-2 win for the seconds: “Everyone stepped up when it mattered. They had a tough game in the doubles and came back well. The guys really showed their strength coming from 2-2 to win 6-2.”


@TNMediaJamie checks in from Netball IV where it’s 6-5 at the end of the first quarter. Meanwhile @TNMediaDom is heading poolside at Sport Central to keep tabs on the Swimming.




Outstanding performance from the W1XV demolishing Newcastle 31-5 great performances all over the pitch from everyone!


That’s a canny big lead now. Over-confidence is my enemy. But it’s a canny big lead.




: claim another 2 points, and this time it’s for Gaelic Football, with a 4-2 – 0-2 victory over Newcastle. 36-22 now


@TNMediaSteven with an update from W1 Badminton: “TN squeaked ahead 2-1 and it’s been tightly contested all the way through.”

Squeaked ahead? Really.


Newbie @TNMediaJamie has just checked in to say he’s poised for a day of netball. Talk about a baptism of fire. First time there’s been a Jamie on the Media Team since the glory days of Durent. A name that will go down in the history books. And a name that currently goes down like a lead balloon on the back of the Inverness Courier.



Nothing between the two teams in W2 Squash as it ends 2-2 and the spoils are shared.


This just in from the official TN Twitter account as the dust settles on the women’s ping pong:


Though our reporters & fans were a bit shocked at the Table Tennis with the Newcastle player donning a green boob tube. Respec’ sista.


Unsure why @TNMediaAntonie hasn’t provided evidence of this crime against fashion. He just posted a picture of some tables instead…



Looks like the table tennis was a mere blip as W2 Football take the 2-0 win at Coach Lane. Fantastic result.



First bad news of the day coming in from @TNMediaAntonie at W1/W2 Table Tennis: “Both Poly women’s table tennis teams go down fighting. Wins for Newcastle.” Turning the tables? Or something like that.

But @TNMediaSteven senses the need for a shot in the arm and reports: “M2 Basketball up 49-12 at the half so another two points on the way. And it’s 1-1 in W1 Badminton.”

And hello to Harriet Baxter. More good news:


score at the up 12-4


Thanks to the tennis posse for this:


4-0 after doubles at mens 1s..


Breaking news: @TNMediaRace has a mate:


Hearing from a mate at the game that TN Women are 1-0 at CL.


On a serious note it’s fantastic that a three-peat Media Teamster like Racey is sat in his SAFC onesie all the way down in Oxford keeping tabs on the world’s greatest sporting event. Once Stan Calvert gets inside your head that’s it. It’s in there forever.


This just in from @TNMediaSteven:


Newcastle struggling to hit the rim so far in the M3 basketball. 4 airballs in 5 minutes.

And live from M3 Basketball he adds: “Buzzer beater for Northumbria. Kia Kirkham gets the friendly toll as TN are up 24-4 after the first.”


Nobody likes a whinger @TNMediaAntonie:


Off topic, but trying to watch Table Tennis and keep tabs on the Liverpool score whilst full of cold is harder that it sounds.


@TNMediaSteven breaks through the communication barrier to bring us the following: “Two more points as M2 Badminton win 6-2.” Get. In. There.


So far so good as Super Sunday lives up to its name for Northumbria’s Stan Calvert devotees. Wins and leads everywhere I look as the overall margin widens. Celebrating with a sausage roll or too. Might be premature but they’ll be cold later.



Laura Greaves checks in from the Women’s Tennis with BIG news:


A 12-0 win for women’s tennis 1sts on Stan Calvert, we are living the dream.

Laura – we hear you. Our dream. Newcastle’s nightmare.


It’s 1-1 in W1 Table Tennis and Women’s Rugby have extended their lead to 19-0. Talking of rugby and the first dilemma of the day is whether to multi-task. England v Ireland is a big draw. A very big draw.


In the W2 Football at Coach Lane Northumbria are 1-0 up at the break. There’s a lot to be said for clean sheets in football. And in general.

Women’s Rugby update and it’s 12-0 to Northumbria at half-time. Great news.

But even bettwer news comes from the W1 Tennis where one of the great Stan Calvert stories is unfolding. In 2014 our girls went down 12-0 but with two points to play for they’re 10-0 up against a shellshocked Newcastle. That is what you call PROGRESS. Not if you’re Newcastle of course. Not sure what you call what’s happened to them in the last year?


@TNMediaSteven: “Northumbria M2 Badminton clinch both doubles and go up 4-2. Need one out of the last two games to clinch the points.”

Exciting stuff. I played badminton once.


Love this from @NorthumbriaLax


Haway man it’s reet windy


And right on cue Ant (no Dec today I’m afraid) reports: “Newcastle W1 take the first game in the table tennis.” No messing with that update. Follow @TNMediaAntonie NOW – the man who puts the pong into ping pong.


Looks like @TNMediaAntonie is in position at the Women’s Table Tennis. Look out for him and say hi – he’s the lad who has something stuck in his ear and looks like he’s been sat in a rock festival field for a few weeks. Not your typical table tennis expert. In fact he’s not. But he will be by mid-afternoon.


@TNMediaSteven: “In the W2 Basketball Newcastle coach gave Jodie Tucker MVP” And that was after they gave us 60 points? Generosity is alive and well in Stan Calvert 2015. I’m sure I read a tweet from our Head Of Sport yesterday night saying Newcastle wouldn’t be gifting us anything this year…


Squash news incoming:


Women’s 2s squash and is 2 games up against newcastle.



W2 Basketball put the points on the board with a 60-22 victory at Newcastle Sports Centre. Nice of the Newcastle second team to turn up. Firsts weren’t that bothered by all accounts.


And another hello to @jenrudin (possibly my all-time favourite member of staff at Northumbria Uni Sport but don’t tell her). Keep the Women’s Rugby updates coming:


Loads of pressure by the girls here at Cochrane Park & we’re rewarded with a try by who also converts it! 7-0 TN


Hello to @KateHansbury12 :


It’s freeeeezing but we are here @ Cochrane Park!Come on


Hold that. He’s Back! (why can’t all of the Media Team have names that lend themselves so easily to cheap puns?).

W2 Basketball are ‘cruising towards two points’ according to our man courtside and it’s 2-2 with four games to go in the M2 Badminton.

Either @TNMediaSteven is warming up for his key role in M2 Basketball or he’s entered one of those communication black holes that plague us every year inside Newcastle Sports Centre. Or he could have been ejected for sporting the worst beard since Alexi Lalas in the ’94 World Cup. That was before most of you were born of course.

Anyway updates on badders and hoops as soon as someone finds a bar. On their mobile. Obviously.


Thanks to @NorthUniTennis for this update – keep ’em coming!


takes the first of the singles. 6 0 currently to in the


Nice to hear from Media Team alumnus and Oxford Mail scoopster @TNMediaRace :

Hope has filled up his car with fuel! No doubt he will be bombing around all day to support the teams.

Wondered why there was no cricket report this year…


M2 Badminton is now 1-1 after the opposition battled back to level the contest. Looks like TNMediaSteven is Back and forth between the badders and the hoops. See what I did there? No? Never mind.

And we’re straight into the action as @TNMediaSteven reports from behind enemy lines on Badminton.

It’s good news with men’s seconds doubles already posting a win and we’re up in the third end of the other match. Media Team alumnus and Chronicle hack Andy ‘Professional’ Fowler will be keeping tabs on this one before making a rare appearance at Sport Central later on. Must remember to roll out the red carpet – and give it a brush – ahead of that big visit.

The Backster – who knows his hoops – also reports that W2 Basketball are bossing it with a 39-10 half-time lead at Newcastle Sports Centre.