The Top 6 Things You Need For a Stan Calvert Final

The Top 6 Things You Need For a Stan Calvert Final

As the Final draws ever closer, we’ve put together the Top 6 things we think you’ll need to bring with you to the Final.

Felt pens at the ready…

A jumper

It is Newcastle and it is February (well March – but one and the same temperature wise). We all know it can get pretty hot when you’re jumping up and down screaming and wailing into the night sky for that ball to just But there will be times when your little frozen arms could do with some coverage, so be kind to your torso, no one likes a flu-ridden party goer later in the evening! So bring your jumper, you’ll be battling the freezing, baltic (Geordie) arctic.

Your Best Loser Face

This is to keep in your very back pocket, just to bring out in almost definitely-not-at-all-happening circumstances. Think Leo at the Oscars, dignified to the end, then cry into your pillow when no one else is around. Bring out the type of ‘polite clap’ you give when you’re not entirely listening to a speech. But like we said, it’s going to be totally unnecessary this year because Team Newcastle are going to smash it – but it is, of course, just in case.

Face Paint

Get the red, white and blue paints out and wear your pride on your face. Nothing screams ‘I’m ready for a fight’ more than writing it across your forehead. It’s a great sight to behold when all your fellow supporters are standing and cheering around you with your team’s colours emblazoned on their cheeks, and after the age of 5 it’s not an everyday occurrence (or socially-accepted activity) to wear paint on your face, so slap it on, cover your mug and do your team proud.


Think Neil Buchanan from Art Attack: get creative! Take any piece of card you can find, be it from your morning cereal, or that box you’ve got knocking around from that chair you once bought, maybe 2 years ago. Get your felt pens out, paints out, glitter out, goggly-eyes out, anything that will grab attention and provide the players on the pitch with enough support to win the game. There are plenty of photos in our archive for you to get inspiration from, so knock yourself (and your rivals) out with some slogans that slay.

Your Outside Voice

We need to hear you! The crowd is the so-called ‘12th Man’, so make sure you raise your voice and roar for Rory. It really can make all the difference to the team on the pitch, especially if it’s a down-to-the-wire point. It’s the best way to show your support, so put your voice behind your comrades and shout as loud as it is humanly possible. Quiet kids stay home.

True Spirit

To end on a corny note, by bringing your ‘true spirit’ with you to the final it could mean the difference between a point won or lost. Your team needs you and ask any player on the pitch, knowing that there are supporters on the side line cheering them on is a huge boost when the going gets tough. So be proud and loud, wear your team colours, be there as the 12th Man and help Team Newcastle ride to glory. You’re an important part of the team and they need you, so be there on Sunday 6th March to show your support in any way you can. Do it for Newcastle! Do it for Rory!